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"..... But something, says Corlia, was missing.
She wanted a spotted horse."

- an excerpt from Manchado Appaloosa Stud - A detailed overview and history by Moira Diesel, 19/05/2014.... read more

Read the complete article available for download free from the link above.

Manchado Appaloosa's stud manager, offers specialized lessons for both riders and non-riders by arranged appointment only. Our horses are trained intuitively using the basis of natural horsemanship gleaned from many tutors, including Richard Maxwell, Linda Tellington Jones and Fiona Parkinson.
Please contact Nadja at 082 948 3429.



The Appaloosa Horse Breeders Society of South Africa

Manchado Appaloosa Stud
is a proud member of
The Appaloosa Horse Breeders Association of South Africa

"All good things are wild and free."- Henry David Thoreau

As Appaloosas inspire this very spirit, we are fortunate and proud to offer a small, exclusive stable surrounded by all the beauty, tranquility and space we could imagine.

In realising our vision, Manchado Appaloosa has focused as a stud on exclusivity and quality. Our stock is born only from the confirmed bloodlines of proven champions and a focus on displaying the finest conformation, movement, temperament and colour.

After adding a multitude of space, a small helping of guidance, manners and lots of love we end up with happy, healthy horses we are not only proud of, but that we also like.

As individual horses, with character and personality they often inspire us. We stand behind each and every one.

The dream and dedication to breed in this environment is ours, the fruit of this dream could be yours.

We experience this as making the Manchado family special. In time, we believe, it will prove to be just that - something very special!

Horse of the Year 2016:
Appaloosa filly 2 years but under 3 - Junior Champion filly - Manchado Christina Corlita
Appaloosa mare 6 years but under 12 years - Senior Champion mare - Kondos Mphatlalatsane
Unprecedented tribute as our filly Manchado Christina Corlita competed against our mare Kondos Mphalatlasane....
Kondos Mphlatlalatsane winning Supreme Champion Female and Manchado Christina Corlita winning Reserve Supreme Champion.
Kondos Mphalatlasane was proudly placed in the top ten at Supreme Champions, of which there were only three mares.

Horse of the Year 2015:
At a mere 16 months of age Manchado Christina Corlita was placed top 10 in All Breed Championships at Horse of the Year 2015.
Supreme Female Appaloosa at Horse of the year Manchado Christina Corlita
Fourth show in a row Kondos Mphatlalatsane retained her title of the most colourful Appaloosa .
Kondos Mphatlalatsane placed third in Appaloosa Mare 6yrs but under 12yrs

Appaloosa Nationals Parys 2014:
Kondos Mphatlalatsane won Reserve Champion of Champion; Champion mare 4yrs and older; Senior champion mare; Supreme Champion Mare and Most colourful Appaloosa.
Kondos Chi Chi won Reserve Champion Junior filly and crowned Champion Fillies over 2yrs but under 4yrs.
Manchado Chocolate Girl was placed fourth in fillies over 1yr but under 2yrs.
Manchado Christina Corlita won Champion filly over 6 months but under 12 months, crowned Youngstock Champion

Horse of the Year 2014:
Kondos Mphatlalatsane won Supreme Champion mare and third placing in the most colourful Appaloosa.
Manchado Chocolate Girl won Youngstock Champion.

Appaloosa Nationals Parys 2013:
Kondos Mphatlalatsane won Reserve Champion Western halter mare; Reserve Champion Mare over 6yrs; Most colourful Appaloosa, Placed in top 4 in Champion of Champions.
Kondos Chi Chi won Reserve Champion filly for under 4yrs; Champion filly over 2yrs and Champion Yearling Filly.
Kondos Patricia placed in mares over 6yrs.
Manchado Chocolate Girl won Champion Western Filly Youngstock Reserve and Reserve Champion Appaloosa youngstock filly.
Kondos Foveros won Reserve Champion in the 3yr old colts.

Horse of the Year 2013:
Kondos Foveros crowned Supreme Male Champion.
Kondos Foveros won National youngstock champion in 2010.

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