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Advantages of Alpaca Duvets    

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All the fibre produced at Estancia Alpaca, on the farm Fairview Estates, gets manufactured into 100% alpaca wool duvet inners.. These inners are sustainable, non-allergenic, odour and mildew resistant, as well as lighter, but at the same time 25% warmer, than sheep's wool.

Anyone suffering from allergies or asthma will love the comfort of alpaca bedding and duvets. Alpaca fibre does not contain lanolin. No chemicals are used in preparing the fibre - Only mild, unfragranced detergents are applied in the washing process. The unique hollow fibre structure creates a dry environment inhospitable to mites; therefore, alpaca fibre is safe for people allergic to down or sheep's wool. Being both hypoallergenic and remarkably soft, alpaca fibre is perfect even for infants and small children.

Alpaca fibres also boast one of the highest moisture wicking properties of all natural fibres. This means that the fibres in your duvet first absorb the body moisture, keeping sweat away from the body and then slowly release the moisture to the outside of the duvet into the air, allowing for you to be dry and evenly warm throughout the night, summer and winter. This great wicking ability is combined with Alpacas lack of natural body oils, making their fibres odourless and naturally non-allergenic

Washing tips: Spot rub stains, air your duvet to re-freshen and hand wash with natural detergent only.


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Alpaca DuvetsDuvet SizeBed TypeBed SizePriceQty
Cot80 x 120Cot66 x 130R 1100
Single135 x 200Single91 x 190R 2200
3/4 Bed150 x 2003/4 Bed107 x 190R 2500
Double200 x 200Double137 x 190R 3200
Queen200 x 230Queen152 x 190R 3600
King220 x 230Queen XL183 x 190R 4200
Super King220 x 260King183 x 200R 5000
California King230 x 260King XL183 x 200R 5300
*All sizes indicated are in centimetres (cm)   

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